Fog Nozzle Innovation

 Fog Nozzle:

 An innovative way to manufacture the Fog Nozzle is used. In order to provide our customer with the highest quality nozzle with very competitive price. Our nozzles use the Metal-Glass Seal technology to embed a ruby as the center core of the nozzle which will provide the same quality as the ceramic nozzle, but only with 2/3 of the price.

 This image give you a closer look at our nozzle head. The red colour in the center is the ruby core that is tightly sealed with glass to the metal.

We have received patents from Germany, Japan & Taiwan. The Patent page will provide you more detail.

Nickel-Plated Swivel is here!!!     

Fog Noozle Innovation

Fog Noozle Accessories 

Fog Nozzle Usage

Ruby Head Fog Nozzle Specification

K Series Fog Nozzle Specification

Fog Nozzle Patent

Ruby Head Fog Nozzle Detail Look

K Series Fog Nozzle Detail Look

KT Series Fog Nozzle Specification

Fog Nozzle Brochure

Fog Nozzle Accessory Brochure

Droplet Size Test Result


Fog Nozzle
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